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Welcome ELIM Church Member!

ELIM Pentecostal Group and Kingdom Utilities have partnered up to provide each ELIM church with a FREE review of its utilities to reduce the Church's annual utility expenditure. Kingdom Utilities is now ELIM Pentecostal Churches' preferred UK supplier for utility services with a clear focus to ensure churches within the group are receiving the best prices, best support and best advice available in the market.

The following information outlines what your church will receive with your FREE utility analysis and report. If you have any questions or would like to speak with the ELIM advice team, your direct line number to the team is 0800 09 888 46 and dedicated ELIM email address: elim@kingdom-utilities.com.

ELIM Utility Guide

  • Please either fax, or scan and email across your electricity and gas bill(s) to the ELIM advice team on 0800 09 888 57 or elim@kingdom-utilities.com.
  • We will then provide you a full utility report. Please see below for details of what your report will provide.
  • For a review of your existing annual telecom spend; line costs, call costs including a full report with recommendations on how to reduce your telecom/internet spend, please contact the ELIM advice team on 0800 09 888 46 or elim@kingdom-utilities.com
  • For more helpful information on what's included in your Telecom report, please click here.

What will we actually be providing your church with to help with this review?

  • Experienced, dedicated ELIM utility advice team for your Church.
  • A dedicated 0800 free phone specifically for your church, direct to the ELIM utility advice team - 0800 09 888 46.
  • A dedicated email address for your church elim@kingdom-utilities.com.
  • A full utility report which will include, current energy providers, annual consumption, contract renewal date, confirmation of VAT & CCL Status, cost of daily standing charge.
  • Management of all new and existing agreements, if you choose to take that route.

What will be reviewed on your utility bills?

  • Review of your current per kWh price for gas and electricity, against current market prices from the major gas and electricity suppliers.
  • Review of when your agreement termination date is up for renewal.
  • Review of your current VAT levels and, where applicable, bring them in line with charity status, providing VAT at 5% and mange the return of monies (up to 3 years)
  • Manage renewals of all contracts to eliminate non-opted agreements.
  • Reduce Climate Charges Levy to £0 where applicable. (Charity Status) and return of monies, (up to 3 Years).
  • Negotiate and manage all paperwork for new agreements and VAT redemption forms with existing and new suppliers, if you choose that route.
  • Mange and cancel any agreements on behalf of your church .

If your utilities are dealt with by someone else to yourself, please forward on the email that you received from Kingdom Utilities or from ELIM HQ to the correct person(s).

Please feel free to contact us on 0800 09 888 46 because we would be delighted to help.

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