With high winter usage approaching soon, now is the time to ensure your business is finding solutions to reducing your utility expenditure.

Kingdom have a dedicated team of experienced and helpful cost consultant's with a vast knowledge of the energy markets. They are ready to work hand in hand with your business, ensuring best of breed financial expertise, account management and where possible a reduction in your annual gas expenditure.

Kingdoms success in the energy markets, is delivered through providing the best gas prices across the UK coupled with an important in-house reporting system, providing accurate and important information about your energy portfolio

With every client, big or small, we will provide you a totally FREE service:

  • Analysis of your gas usage to establish the best possible tariff available for your requirements and a comparison with your current supplier’s rates.
  • Access to the cheapest market rates, through independent relationships with the UK’s largest energy suppliers.
  • Best market prices for clients with multi-site usage, through group purchasing power.
  • Fixed and variable term contracts (1 to 5 yr)
  • Direct Debit & non DD options
  • Smart metering
  • Tariff & bespoke pricing options
  • With gas sites consuming more than 730,000 kWh (Transco AQ) We are able to provide a price only option to a fully managed tender, procurement and administration service.
  • Independent advice on how the contract length can affect gas costs for each client’s site.
  • A review of all Climate Change Levy. (This is especially important for charities)
  • Advice on VAT levels for single and multi-site business'
  • Independent advice on when to change suppliers or renew contracts, to avoid peak season tariffs.
  • Time management system to eliminate non-opted agreements.
  • Easy to use excel reporting, out lining the information above, including possible financial savings.

If you have any questions please feel free to call the Advice Team on 0800 09 888 42 or email them at


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